Gear Coupling

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 With our vast knowledge and experience in mechanical power transmission field, we are proudly confident that we would be able to suggest the best solution and offer the most appropriate gear coupling for any general or special industrial application.

  • Standard couplings with outer flange diameter up to 500 mm;
  • Large-size couplings with outer flange diameter up to 2000 mm;
  • Couplings for special applications suitable for high misalignments, up to 6 degrees;
  • Gear couplings for hoist barrels
  • High-speed gear couplings with accurate precision ground gear teeth, suitable for speed up to 36500 rpm.

The best quality of the raw materials and the highest accuracy of the machining, thanks to our supplier’s latest toothing machines, enable us to offer the maximum load capacity in minimum space and the longest lifetime with minimum maintenance.

– Be in CONTACT and we might have the appropriate gear coupling for your application even in our local stock.