Steel Making Plant

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As every expert confirms, Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) and Ladle Furnace (LF) are the core cells of the steel making process. Continuous operation of furnaces is vital for any steelmaking plant. In order to achieve and maintain the high producibility and smooth functionality of furnaces, high-quality components and equipment need to be utilized to prevent any stoppage in production.

Moreover, considering the ambient conditions of steel making plants, all proposed equipment and packages have been designed to withstand the special situation of these mills with the highest possible durability.

RICC Europe has gathered the most superior equipment and technological packages to ensure continuous production without further concerns.

The range of standard items for steel making furnaces:

– In order to minimize the risk of any non-prescheduled stoppage and maximize the production rate of your steel plant, let us connect you to prominent manufacturers of steel plant equipment. Contact Us and enjoy the convenience of utilizing high-tech equipment.