Slewing Bearings

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 We are able to offer a complete range of slewing bearings customized and adapted to the demands of the customer:

  • Single row slewing ball bearing
  • Double row slewing ball bearing
  • Cross roller slewing bearing
  • Three-row slewing roller bearing

The gear teeth can be external and internal, both helix and straight

We offer slewing bearings for many applications such as electric arc furnaces, stacker and reclaimer machines, wind generators, heavy duty machinery, mining equipment, cranes and machine tools.

Girth Gears

  • Gear Cutting

– Ø Maximum 14000 mm. and 2000 mm. tooth length

– Guaranteed Quality 8 – DIN 3962

  • Gear Grinding

– Ø 3000 mm. and 1250 mm. tooth length

– Guaranteed Quality 4 – DIN 3962

  • Teeth Measuring

– Profile

– Flank Line

– Pitch

– Tooth Thickness

– Contact Pattern

– Backlash

  • Corrections
  • 3d Measuring
  • Hardness
  • Magnetic Particles Control
  • Nital Etching Control

– Please be in Contact with us in order to receive the latest information accordingly.