Rolling Mill Technology

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We can offer solutions reaching from a 2-high up to a 20 roller cold rolling mill as well as hot rolling mills for magnesium. All the products are both highly efficient and high in quality.

  • High level of automation
  • Actuators, such as bending and selective cooling mechanisms
  • Rolling mill stands with hydraulic roll gap adjustment system
  • Roll bending
  • Pass line adjustment
  • Optimized changing devices for work rolls
  • Uncomplicated operation and easy handling
  • Fast and reliable coil transportation

The offered lines feature a flexible design allowing them to be adapted to any site conditions. The rolling mills are installed on site and commissioned by us.

We have developed two new technology concepts offering significant advantages for their customers.

The roll housing technology is a completely new approach to the design of rolling mills. This new construction based on a platform concept allows the use of different roller configurations. This enables our manufacturer to carries out retrofitting work, as for example from a 4-high to a 6-high or 12 roller configuration. The resulting advantages are significantly reduced delivery times and the diversification of the service offered to the customers.

The second substantial new development consists of an innovative strip position control system. This newly developed control system offers automatic leveling of the rolls due to the exact strip center sensing.


We are able to offer solutions to extend the lifetime and increase the productivity of existing lines – independent of the line manufacturer. Based on the existing rolling mill technology and site conditions, we deliver optimal solutions to our customers. Our scope of supply includes the potential analysis, planning, design, manufacture, and assembly of the components and systems to be modernized.

Our scope of supply for increasing line productivity includes:

  • Retrofitting, from mechanical to hydraulic roll gap adjustment
  • Retrofitting of actuators, such as bending and selective cooling mechanisms
  • Installation of bending mechanisms for work rolls
  • Automation of control systems
  • Use of highly efficient changing devices for work rolls
  • Increase of drive power

For the retrofitting of existing lines, we guarantee our customers minimal machine downtime due to optimal use of the existing infrastructure.

– Whether you are looking for a new cold rolling stand or desire to renovate or recondition your existing line, we have the opportunity to intrude you to one of the most advanced manufacturers in this field. Contact Us and use the merits of consulting with prestigious manufacturers.