Slitting and Cut to Length Lines

Slitting and Cut to Length Lines 2018-12-03T05:50:35+00:00

RICC Europe GmbH is able to offer designs and manufacturing of cut-to-length and slitting lines as complete systems for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as special materials with metallic or coated surfaces. We focus on slitting shears for hot rolled steel and shears for thin strips, offering our customers the best quality and highest possible productivity.


The decisive factors for an uncompromising quality in the cutting process of cold rolled strips are adherence to narrow cutting tolerances, burr-free cutting as well as the precise recoiling of the cut strips. The cut-to-length and slitting lines manufactured by one of the top manufacturers, consist of highly specific precision shears especially designed for cutting thin metal strips all the way up to metal foils.

The core element of our slitting shears is the knife shaft. All knife shafts are manufactured entirely in-house, enabling us to offer our customers unsurpassed quality:

  • Highest precision of the knife shaft bearing
  • Lower knife shaft infinitely variable in the axial direction
  • Knife shaft adjustment by servomotor via low-backlash, prestressed ball screws
  • Automatic opening and closing of the front shear housing part of the standard equipment
  • Extremely high concentricity and plane parallelism

The high degree of precision in our slitting shears enables line speeds of up to 1,000 m / min at a constant quality. The new development in the cut-to-length product range is called flying cross-cut shears. This kind of shears avoids stopping the strip during the cross-cut process, thus allowing a continuous line operation and a corresponding productivity increase. Each line is individually planned and designed based on the conditions on site and the product mix of the customer.

These customer-specific line concepts include:

  • Loop pits, braking units, and recoilers
  • Direct strip spooling, incl. guide mechanism (starting from 1 up to the required number of recoilers)
  • Alternating recoiling of single strips, incl. guide mechanism (starting from 1 up to the required number of recoilers)

– So, if you demand for any renovation or supplying of a brand new slitting or cut-to-length lines, Contact Us and we might have some significant offers to impress you.