Roller Bearings

Roller Bearings 2019-02-13T04:49:45+00:00

Challenging applications demand best bearings.

Being the exclusive agent of Eich Rollenlager GmbH Company (, we specialize in solution development for applications that indicate failures of standard bearing types. All of our productions are therefore to order, every item customized.

We also offer special bearings whose performance matches or exceeds standard bearings.

Within the available product range, the spring bush bearing type B was developed for extreme operational conditions. All the parts of this bearing type are made from specially treated spring steel.

The characteristics of the spring bush bearings are extreme heat resistance, high impact loads, dirt resistance, and low installation height.

  • Spring bush bearings
  • Split roller bearings
  • Cylindrical roller bearings
  • Self-Align Cylindrical Roller Bearing (SACRB)

– Please be in Contact, in case the existing bearings are not able to satisfy your high-value demands.