About us

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Competency Based on Experience and Knowledge

RICC Europe GmbH, located in Vienna – Austria, is a renowned supplier of industrial equipment to steel plants and heavy industries. Thanks to more than 40 years of successful experience of the owners and their close connections with the pioneer European manufacturers, RICC Europe has a great potential to offer a wide range of top-quality industrial components and modern engineering solutions to the steel industry, from the iron ore to the end product.

Along with worldwide technological advancement in steel industries, companies seek to equip themselves with more competitive assets that distinguish them from other competitors. In this way, RICC Europe GmbH, with more than 4 decades of professional experience in steel markets and taking advantage of world-leader manufacturers, offers a substantial number of solutions to the steel plants.

Thanks to the vast knowledge of owners about steel plants spare part needs, plus their understanding of local relationships in different countries, RICC Europe GmbH is a trustable partner in order to support steel plants and provide the required spare parts and products.

The Field of Our Expertise

During all these years of continuous support to steel plants, RICC has always endeavored to provide high-quality products in order to facilitate the process of manufacturing first-grade end products and assist companies by paving their ways towards reaching a world-renowned brand.

Along with this path, we have had the pleasure of cooperating with a substantial number of prominent European companies. Each of them is equipped with the latest technical know-how and the cutting-edge technology to be a precious asset to those customers who are looking for not only the most distinguished manufacturers in their field of expertise, but also an eminent source of information to provide the best technical solutions for the technological issues in various sections of a steel mill.

Collaborating with such esteemed manufacturers has furnished us with the prospect of getting acquainted with numerous prestigious manufacturers, which later on shaped the fundamental aspect of our company. Thus, being familiar with and having the chance of close cooperation with such famed companies is the core concept of RICC Europe GmbH.

This is what we do, and this is what we profoundly believe we are the experts in.


Our Strength


Long-Time History in Industry

Over four decades of glamorous background in supplying of industrial components and technological products

World-Renowned Manufacturers

Close cooperation with esteemed manufacturers and utilizing their high-tech facilities and vast knowledge

Extensive Sales and After-Sales services

Being always available at the suppliers and the customers’ locations by having different offices in multiple locations.

Professional Engineers and Staff

Benefiting from the precious experience of the owners and honed skills of well-trained local engineers and personnel.