Looper and Run Out Rollers for HSM

Looper and Run Out Rollers for HSM 2018-12-03T05:40:45+00:00

During the production of steel, your production components are subjected to enormous loads and high temperatures. These conditions can significantly impact upon your production capacity unless your components are in the best possible condition. This is also true of your transport rollers, which must always be able to withstand these heavy load factors. In addition, the rolls must be corrosion resistant and the friction between the rollers and the steel strips must be at a maximum level in order to effectively guide the strip on its way to the coiler.

To meet these demanding requirements, the high grip roller has been developed, which has excellent performance characteristics in terms of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and grip between roll and steel strip. Depending upon the specific external environmental factors, the roll loses only a minimal fraction of its extremely tough outer layer and can, on average, continue performing effectively for up to 50 million tons of steel.

As a result, you benefit from significant savings on maintenance costs and can also increase production speed, making a significant expansion of capacity possible.

Advantages of the High Grip Rolls:

  • Highly extended lifetime (loss of 0.15 mm. thickness per million productions)
  • It becomes possible to roll thinner material, and thus expand your “product window” and increase your delivery options for your clients.
  • Reducing the number of cobbles by using HHG rolls can save you large amounts of money.
  • You can increase production speed and so raise your output.
  • Improved tracking on the way to the coiler
  • Based on years of hands-on experience in various hot rolling mills

Typical characteristics of High Grip Rolls:

  • Excellent wear resistance results in extended tool life.
  • “High Grip” provides improved tracking on the way to the coiler.
  • “Out of pass line” indication
  • Robust and reliable construction

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