High current equipment for EAF

High current equipment for EAF 2018-12-03T05:27:27+00:00

 We are capable of offering high current solutions for electric arc furnaces, from the transformer to graphite electrodes.

  • Water cooled high current cables
  • Delta closures – High current busbars, bustubes, and connections
  • Power conducting electrode arms
  • On-line resistance monitoring system for water cooled cables (TELEMASTER)

Thanks to the experience of our technicians and the collaboration with university laboratories, we can provide a full range of engineering consulting services:

  • Mechanical dimensioning of structures using parametric 3D CAD (Layout design, Basic Engineering, and Detail Engineering)
  • FEM mechanical simulations and calculations
  • Finite Element Method (FEM) for electromagnetic applications
  • Human exposure to electromagnetic fields
  • Thermal impact of electromagnetic fields
  • Electrical circuit reactance and asymmetry calculations: From the transformer to the electrodes
  • Circular diagrams

– So let us know your requirements, and all will be arranged accordingly. Please, Contact us…