EAF Side-Wall Injection Systems

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Many devices that combine burner mode and oxygen injection have improved overall energy balance, foamed slag conditioning and metallic yield. While most of the available systems on the market provide effective oxygen injection for decarburization and oxidation reactions, the efficient injection of solids, such as fuel carbon and foaming carbon or lime and dololime for slag conditioning, has been a challenge.

We are able to offer the chemical energy technology which includes a variety of fixed injectors and associated control devices such as valve stands, carbon/flux dispensers and system automation.


Fixed shell injector

The equipment on board of the EAF shell can be made up of four different tools. Each injector has been developed to satisfy a very specific requirement of the melting/refining process:


Fines Injection: For deep injection of fines at high speed. This equipment injects the fines shrouded by an annular supersonic stream of oxygen. As a result, the highly coherent, high-speed injection of the fines penetrates into the steel bath.

Oxygen Injection: For supersonic oxygen injection. This injector delivers a highly coherent supersonic stream of oxygen that penetrates into the steel bath for C oxidation and other oxidizing reactions in the steel/slag interface.

Carbon Injection: For soft carbon injection. The carbon injection into the slag promotes FeO and MnO reduction with consequent early slag foaming metallic yield better control.

Lime Injection: For the injection of the fluxes into the slag. Typically injected solids are lime and/or dololime used to control slag chemistry and its foaming (V-ratios).


Door operated oxygen and carbon water cooled lances

This special system consists of two water-cooled lances; one is used to inject oxygen at supersonic velocity and one injects carbon fines. The lances are supported and moved by a manipulator installed on the rigid platform at a certain distance from the slag door on the right or left side. Features:


  • Use of oxygen/carbon lances for decarburization and slag foaming.
  • Remote control from furnace control room.
  • The sturdy and precise piece of equipment.
  • Water cooled shields protect from heat radiation and slag/steel splashes.
  • Manipulator and lances movements are done by hydraulic pistons.
  • MSF-Mixed Swirl Flame burner mode in the carbon lance to melt the scrap in the slag tunnel in the starting phase.
  • The automatic rising of oxygen/carbon lances with respect to the liquid steel level (for continuous charging process: scrap, DRI, HBI) by dedicated hardware/software and specific working logic.
  • Fast lances removal by a rear quick connection device.
  • Easy replacement of oxygen and carbon tips by steel-to-steel welding.
  • Easy and fast maintenance operation.


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